About Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition is a podcast started in 2020. The show can be found on all the podcast platforms with a video format on Youtube. (Be sure to subscribe to us on Youtube to see the extras we produce.)

Bill and Casey are outspoken kids from the ’80s. They dig deep into classic pop culture with conversations and interviews with the performers you know and love. But we don’t ask generic questions. We even let our audience get in on the fun with their own submitted questions.

You can reach Deluxe Edition at deluxeeditionpod@gmail.com


Bill Sebald

Bill lives in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania with his wife and two Schnauzers. He owns a digital marketing agency called Greenlane.  He is a published photographer. And he writes music and plays guitar with Full Moon Vagrant.  Bill completely lives in the past.


Casey Shearer

Casey Schearer is the former host of Saturdays With Chickenduck and currently one of the hosts of On The Road with Casey and Deluxe Edition: Yet Another Pop Culture Podcast. Casey has been a pro-wrestler and a band promoter but currently travels the country inspecting roofs and podcasting. Casey lives in Tallahassee with his girlfriend.