Episode 55: Screenwriter Tab Murphy Talks About Writing for Disney



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On this LIVE episode of Deluxe Edition, we find out what screenwriter Tab Murphy is most recognized for.

He then talks about finding out that a movie he wrote and thought was a flop, actually has a huge following through an interview which led him to a Facebook group dedicated to not only that movie but multiple Facebook groups dedicated to ALL of his Disney movies.

Then we get into what Tab is working on now and what we can expect in the future.

Casey then breaks it to Tab that we have no fan questions, not because he has no fans but because of how open he’s become in the Facebook groups he mentioned earlier and talks about his group TAB MURPHY, MOVIES, magic + mayhem, and why he’s so open with his fans.

Tab talks about how excited he was going to see his first feature film MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE.

We do get some fan questions that TAB Answers LIVE during the show and it’s great advice for aspiring screenwriters.

Before wrapping up the show, we find out if TAB has any regrets, if he’s ever been to Rwanda and if he’s ever used his Oscar nomination status to get backstage at a concert.

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